Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fresh Start!

so here we are,

been reading a lot of blogs, some are way cool, some are okay and some where the hell is the Escape button ^.^

a new blog page for more serious topics,

here I'll be talking about ME! how original!!!! I KNOW!

well it's about me, a Saudi living in Saudi.

some of the blogs been reading give people and idea about Saudi but it's not all the truth! i don't say they lie, but i guess they don't have the INSIDER! cool huh! i'll be giving our secrets out...

I must note that what you will read is all me, it's what I think, what I see and most of all what I believe....

topics will be political and I will try to avoid that, a lot of social topics, and anything that cross my mind "it's my blog after all" or read in a newspaper ^.^

but it will be all around Saudi, out and about.

I would also like to know from you "THE PEOPLE" would you like to know? or should I say what the next topic should be about?

let me know, I'll be happy to entertain you!

if you reach this far, please take the time to leave a comment ^.^




  1. Mabrouk on the new blog!

  2. thank you!

    hope it will be as good I hope it would be ^.^