Tuesday, 26 January 2010

No more Coke or Pepsi for me

I know this might comes as a shock to some people who know me.

But yes, no more Coke or Pepsi for me...I have had it!

the bad news is I'm stopping not because of health!

but because of economic reasons!

since Coke and Pepsi decided to rise their prices 50%, I had to quit!

I used to drink at least 8 Coke a day, some time more, some times less but 8 is an average.

I feel betrayed and hurt by this, and for what ever reason they say they had to do it, I think it's a big fat lie.

FACT ALERT!!! it's not only Coke and Pepsi!

everything here "in Saudi" would simply rise in price,
and the consumer is THE LAST person to know,
the shops,supermarkets and stores "and most told me in person" take it or leave it! the Coke and Pepsi company said to the shops.

this has to stop, a free market with such greed from manufactures and business is just not right.

and thats only what the consumer know about!!!!

since Coke and Pepsi price known to every man, woman and child..

there is another hidden rise of price in items that we buy on month to month or more, such Shampoo, toothpaste and such products that prices rise and WE don't even notice it!

so the business strategy of these company is that the Saudi consumer is a dummy!!! he will never know what hit him.

what is government doing to sort this mess, to protact the consumer????

I know the government have departments that deal with such matters,
chamber of commerce" that is run by business people WHO own company/companies that RAISED prices",

Ministry of Commerce "I think they exist" but i'm not so sure about anything being done!

I have been hearing about an organization that is protecting the consumer, and it's out there, but not so sure about their actions yet.

we need a NON-profitable organization to Ensure that the Companies don't scam the consumer.

we need transparency, to Ensure quality of products!


do what I do....

when you see the price is not right, don't buy it!

you can complain, "btw when you find where, let me know ^.^ "

find another solution!

I did,

Orange juice is cheaper now,

and HEALTHIER too,

lol never thought I would say that, in my life time! ^.^

if you have reached this far, please leave a comment ^.^



  1. Hehe...

    Seriously your place needs a Price Regulation Board. It keeps track of companies or stores and their prices for certain commodities.

    Btw, a lot of people outside think you're sooo lucky to have gasoline relatively CHEAP. Here they've been steadily raising the prices, so when the gas goes up, everything else does!

  2. well there is a proce regulation board, but they are not active and there is not much support to them,
    just a few days back after I posted this blog, MsNBC Arabic had a guest talking about this very subject.
    i can see people now are asking for help and moving to do something about it,
    I guess we will know i the near future.

  3. Unless you Saudis take to the streets and threaten they government that you'll be drinking petroleum instead of Coke, they might listen, LOL!