Wednesday, 27 January 2010

sex and the city!

I tried my best not to talk about sex in any of my blogs in the past.

but something changed, thanks to HER!

and there are more to come ^.^

since I think that the society dectat it's treadtion based on sex.

male and female that is!

here, Saudi could be the gay capital of the world due to the fact of sex segregation.

once, a gay friend of mine who is not Saudi told me, Saudi for a gay man, is like a small kid in a candy store.

since it's okay for guys to hang around each others and girls do that too.

it's hard to hang around in mix groups.

I myself have some issues if i have to go pick up my own sister from Uni, i could be stopped and I need to prove to them that she is my sister.

even my own mom, I can't prove she is my mom, only thing we have is her divorce paper since my dads name is there and it matches mine. we need that when we travel and need to stay in hotel room.

few days back a man and a woman where stopped and man beaten just to find out later that the woman was his wife! yeah it does happen here. man killed his own daughter, to find out the boy who was cached with her was her brother! yes his own son!

definition of catch here is, in a car, in a mall, walking together. Not in act of adultery!

the truth of the matter there are many gay activites here, but are not really gay.

it's just sexual needs to be fulfilled.

there are some gay but not huge number.

I'm happy for them the got it easy ;)
unless they get caught! then it's death! "they have to be caught in the act"

I wouldn't say that the main reason of this actions are segregation of the sexes,
but mainly it is,

here to get married here you need money and lots of it.

i'm not suggesting mixing the sexes as a solution or maybe I am,

but I wish it would be easier to get married for people.
people asking a lot of things just for show.

what I'm babbling about here!

just a thought that crossed my mind, and felt like sharing!



  1. Hey Majix, You are a gay... m i right......

  2. Well speaking of marriage, it's the "mahr" thing that makes it difficult. Now sometimes it's used as a way to tell a guy's family that the girl's family isn't trash. But when abused, mahr becomes an obstacle. My mom and dad got married without it, but they knew what they were doing, and even if the world was against them at first, they're still together.

    Yeah I agree that your peeps there can be so OA (overacting) when it comes to sex segregation.

  3. Dear Saad, i don't think me being gay or not has anything to do with it ^.^

    thanks for dropping by.

    there are people out there that think marriage is a business rather then building a community.
    our only hope is this would change, we hear stories these days that are great example, hope to see more.
    thanx for dropping by ;)

  4. Same here too, Majix!

    I've seen too many couples who start out that way :(.

    I think people are sooo dumb not to see that they've been abusing something God-given.