Saturday, 27 February 2010

Feeling Suicidal?

in the past few weeks,
while reading the newspaper Al-Riyadh and Al-Youm,
I noticed rise in the number of news regarding suicide attempts.

it always made me think at what stage would a person reach to be able to end his/her own life???
A crazy person is a crazy person, but a normal person... what is a normal person?

back to the newspaper it always mention that the person is sick, that been seeing a doctor or stopped taking medication.
I don't think it's only sick people that commit suicide, even if the person who committed suicide was not sick, they would say he/she should have seek help... I wonder where????

I my self felt suicidal at a point in my life, two time to be exact.
but I reasoned with my self, suicide does not take pain. it inflicts pain.
I think of people I'll be leaving behind, what about them? how they are going to feel?
suicide is a selfish act,
no one should commit suicide
suicide is never a solution.

we only live once, you have one chance, live your life to the fullest, try everything at least once "except drugs"

seek help...

every hospital now have or SHOULD have a person that can help you.

this was a very scary article, 185% rise in suicide in Saudi Arabia.

please share your inputs, would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

ahhhh, that been said!


Thursday, 25 February 2010

My views of Khobar national day disaster

OKAY, thats it

I didn't want to talk about it, but here it is

This is my personal point of view

I just can't stand what i been seeing here on blogs, facebook, youtube and cafes while having a cup of coffee with friends and family

guys guys guys,

you all are missing the point...

we are all Saudi's after all...

no excuse if you are She3i or Sunni... i don't really care..

we have a major problem and we keep trying to point fingers

stop it already.

what happened has happened, and who ever did it will get punished and they sure did.

but guys don't you think WHY did it happen...

I'm not big fan of conspiracy theory, but here is what I think

one of the key elements I think already worked...

we are fighting each other and pointing fingers at each other.

we are always good at that, finding someone to blame.

Most kids, and i say KIDS cuz they were kids, out of the blue started doing what they did, with hidden people in crowd. telling them what should be done. who ever did, used naive kids to do there dirty job since they are not good as man to do it them self.

look at Iran and you might get a hint.

Man, this is a big scam "here"is to stop national day celebration.
ban parties, ban fire works and ban mixing people families and having pride over king in person.

King Abdulah is been targeted by people with hidden agenda who thinks he is evil, by opening first mix uni in Saudi. his views of empowerment of women and most of all doing whats right and should have been done long time ago.

since people are now to do whats good for them and stopped fallowing blindly clerics, and started questioning them.

so wake up people and look and understand things before starting hitting each others

a National day is a day to show the pride and glory.

I guess the government need to do something about it by creating such events that would keep the people busy and happy in the same time, to display what national day is all about.

they started doing so, but it's not up to expectation of young Saudi male. Since most events are Family ONLY!

Get the young Saudi's involved, they are almost 75% of Saudi's population. we need to show the the true meaning of what national day is really about.

I want more, not only fireworks! and foam ;p

PS: please i would like to hear your views and be logical

PSS: the was written in my Facebook notes on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 8:03pm did some changes based on

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love is over rated!

or at least that's what I think.

nowadays it more like Friends with benefits "if you watch Boston Legal you would understand"

I'll explain:

he and she are friends,

he wants sex,

she wants sex


both don't want love and commitment,

but in reality they want love

but not so sure or more like it, don't want to get hurt,

so they can have sex with out love,

does that make sense?

I miss the good old days,

when a he meets she and FALL in love,

now it's like boom bam OMG! is that kid mine?

in the old days from base one to two took AGES,

now 5 sec. we became animals, not all I KNOW!

so now when I sense love, I THINK "now thats messed up" this is false love? who cares,right?


cuz when you see the realty it isn't working, you feel hurt.

it's okay to get hurt once, twice, 15 time or 765489043245677654 time!

I should not give up RIGHT?


I do give up,

the time I waste on meeting girls is just not worth the outcome at all fro me at least,

cuz if it was sex only, there is many ways to get that.

but love.....

lets say I GIVE UP! PERIOD.

or i should go gay ^.^

ahhhh, that been said!


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

End of life is death, right?

I was with one of my friends, new friend, we never sat alone, last night we did, we talked about many stuff, soccer, art, music....we ended up talking about Death.

it started while talking about sad songs, and he showed me a video of him with some of his friends it was nice to see, I was wondering why the sad song? he pointed out one of his friends, who is dead now.

this friend of mine is 28 years old, he lost his friends 9 years ago, he was young, they were young.

he told me the first one he lost called him one day before his death, his friend wanted to see him, it's been three days since they saw each other, he even sent him an SMS telling him i'm waiting for you at xyz place. my friend didn't go.

the next day, while having dinner with his family the phone rang telling him that a car accident happened late last night, and your friend have died!

my friend didn't know what to do or what to think!
he can't believe his friend is dead, his best friend.

they were going to pray on his soul the next day Dhuhor prayer, he couldn't go, he told me, I was crying so hard, couldn't go to pray, to bury him. "he is not dead" my friend said "I can't accept the my friend is dead". all his friends was there but him.

people were wondering why he didn't show up, most understood, they knew they were very close, it must been hard on him!

my friend hated him self for not going, but it as already too late! he felt bad.

that day, in the evening my friend and his other friends went to the father of their dead friend to pay respects. there was an old man, who can see all the sad faces, he told them don't worry and don't feel sad, your friend died a happy man, because he can hear that you all were there to bury him, he could hear you foot steps,

my friend felt like a dagger was in his heart, he knew that his dead friend know that he didn't show up. the thought his friend must be wondering where are you???!!!

he felt worse,

that night, he cried like he never did before and never will again, he slept on his wet pillow, in dream world, he saw his friend, his friend was sitting, and next to his friend was the brother of the dead friend, he saw his friend pushing away his own brother and telling him "move so my true friend can sit" my friend told him" I knew you were not dead, but no one believes me" his friend said "I'm here with you, I will always be with you, I'll never die"

my friend woke up, with tear in his eye, and a smile.

so is death really the end of life????

Monday, 8 February 2010


Happiness...thats a hard one to come by in this life...
but what is happiness?

is it getting your dream job,
or getting married and starting a life,
or meeting your soul mate,
or going to the place of your dream???

I guess there are happy times, they don't last as much as we want it,
We all have happy times, and we have them as memories.

I think it's a good thing, that they pass; Thats why we notice it and know for a fact that this moment was a happy time.

If happiness would be constant, we would lose the feeling of it, just like we lose the feeling of time.

what do you think?

why I like being alone!

One of the most thing I like about being alone is, BEING alone.

no one else is there, only you and nothing else...

it's a scary idea when you think of it, but you get used to it, I did ^.^

I don't need real People in my life, People judge each other, and I don't like that.

People tend to be friends only when they need some thing from you, when they get it, they don't need your friendship any more...

My best friends in this world are solid things, they don't talk back, you can throgh them away and never be mad at you, they can be with you and never judge you.

I love my car, it takes me every where I wana go... when ever I wana go, never complain, I take good care of her.

I love my ipod, always there in my car, at the coffee shop, in bed, EVERY WHERE, and thats a true friend..

Shesha maybe a bad friend, but hey never talk back.... thats a good friend right there..

my lab top, my cyber room, my window to the world,
if you don't like anything close it,
people nagging you, ignore them, or even batter BLOCK them..

Imagine that you can ignore or block people ,
I know for a fact most people in Riyadh would be on my block list, and few on my ignore list, and only handfull will be available for chat.

I think I'm okay known that I might be spending the rest of my life alone,
I do have friends around the world and they are great friends.. but this is as far my relationship will go only Friendship....

Relationships, scares me, it really does!
I have had my share, and i don't think that I would even try it again.

just an idea, felt like sharing....


Saturday, 6 February 2010

Need help! get the right number!!!

this morning i was reading the newspaper,
while browsing, I noticed a list of emergency numbers,
and the list WAS huge,
from top of the page to nearly half of the page!!!

so i was wondering why don't we "Saudi Arabia" have one easy number,
but before i start bitching about it, I did a small research one emergancy numbers around the world.

and i was kinda surprised to find that it's not only Saudi have that many numbers but most 3rd world countries.

most European countries has one number 112, only UK use 999
US and Canada use 911
Asia commen number is 999 but man they have a lot of numbers
Africa i don't want even to start, the numbers differs from one country to another

Back to Saudi,

while looking at most advanced countries, I know for a fact that Saudi CAN have cetrlized system.
To ensure service, quality of service and most of all prompt service.
Imagine calling a number let say 999 in this case it's the police number, in case of fire, and you been asked to dial the fire department!!! some would actually help to say the truth.

Traffic accedint should and already have it's own number 993 in case of Saudi, yet these days, when you call they would ask if both parties or more have insurance... as they will give you another number to call, but I must say this, when a car accident is huge and their are some people hurt, they would respond only if the information was correct that is.

The thing is some people use emergency line for fun, not on purpose; but out of frustration, since traffic police respond will average from 30 to 50 minutes, but if it was weekend it could take longer; due to that fact people lie, to make them show up faster

Any way, as long you know the right number you have nothing to worry.

The following is photos of the emergency service cars with emergency phone number to it hope it helps ^.^

This is made for people that are new in Saudi, or coming to Saudi ^.^

1.The Police,

Blue, some time might look like purple
Blue safety light
# 999

you would call them for any type of emergency that is not listed below

2.The Traffic Police,

Green, with light green
Red safety light


Najim "only if all parties are insured"

white and yellow
Red Safety light

3.Civil Deface

Bright yellow
RED safety light

you call them in case of Fire, someone trapped or need rescue.

4.Saudi Red Crescent

White and Red
Red and White safety light

for any health case that need immediate attention

5. Passport

White with dark and light green stripes
Green and Red safety light

they are called in case of illegal immigration and check that non-Saudis have the right papers to live in Saudi.

6. Narcotic

unmarked cars

in case of drug trafficking or anything drug related

7.High-Way Patrol

White with green and blue stripes
Red and Blue safety light

they are called when out side city limits, they handle traffic also.

hope this would help you ^.^

if you have any questions feel free to ask I'll be happy to answer them for you as much as I can

cheers ^.^

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Jasmin Talk Interview my Mother

I just got back from Riyadh,
My mom and I,
she had an recording session with Saudi channel 1 TV.
the show is called "حديث الياسمين" Jasmin Talk it will be aired on Saturday the 6th of February @ 11 pm

I'll be receiving a digital copy,
and i'll sub it into English since the show is in Arabic.
for you people not getting the Saudi channel 1, i'll be uploading it to my YT channel.

She is Najat M. Bager, a working mom, raised my two younger brothers Tariq, Saad and myself on her own.
she is public figure in the women society in the Eastern Province, and Kingdom wide in general.
member of most women active communities and charities.

she will be talking about her self as a working Saudi woman in the field of Education and Journalism.
there are some topics too
it will be edited so i'm not sure what will be on exactly.

I'm happy for my mom, as this is the first time she will actually appear on TV as before it's was only phone calls and radio shows.

looking forward to it ^.^

in the photo is my mother when she was 6 month old ^.^


PS: she mentions ME!!!! as the writer and critic she fear the most ^.^
PSS" hope i'll be doing my own Interview with her ^.^