Thursday, 4 February 2010

Jasmin Talk Interview my Mother

I just got back from Riyadh,
My mom and I,
she had an recording session with Saudi channel 1 TV.
the show is called "حديث الياسمين" Jasmin Talk it will be aired on Saturday the 6th of February @ 11 pm

I'll be receiving a digital copy,
and i'll sub it into English since the show is in Arabic.
for you people not getting the Saudi channel 1, i'll be uploading it to my YT channel.

She is Najat M. Bager, a working mom, raised my two younger brothers Tariq, Saad and myself on her own.
she is public figure in the women society in the Eastern Province, and Kingdom wide in general.
member of most women active communities and charities.

she will be talking about her self as a working Saudi woman in the field of Education and Journalism.
there are some topics too
it will be edited so i'm not sure what will be on exactly.

I'm happy for my mom, as this is the first time she will actually appear on TV as before it's was only phone calls and radio shows.

looking forward to it ^.^

in the photo is my mother when she was 6 month old ^.^


PS: she mentions ME!!!! as the writer and critic she fear the most ^.^
PSS" hope i'll be doing my own Interview with her ^.^

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  1. It's nice to get known for good work!