Thursday, 25 February 2010

My views of Khobar national day disaster

OKAY, thats it

I didn't want to talk about it, but here it is

This is my personal point of view

I just can't stand what i been seeing here on blogs, facebook, youtube and cafes while having a cup of coffee with friends and family

guys guys guys,

you all are missing the point...

we are all Saudi's after all...

no excuse if you are She3i or Sunni... i don't really care..

we have a major problem and we keep trying to point fingers

stop it already.

what happened has happened, and who ever did it will get punished and they sure did.

but guys don't you think WHY did it happen...

I'm not big fan of conspiracy theory, but here is what I think

one of the key elements I think already worked...

we are fighting each other and pointing fingers at each other.

we are always good at that, finding someone to blame.

Most kids, and i say KIDS cuz they were kids, out of the blue started doing what they did, with hidden people in crowd. telling them what should be done. who ever did, used naive kids to do there dirty job since they are not good as man to do it them self.

look at Iran and you might get a hint.

Man, this is a big scam "here"is to stop national day celebration.
ban parties, ban fire works and ban mixing people families and having pride over king in person.

King Abdulah is been targeted by people with hidden agenda who thinks he is evil, by opening first mix uni in Saudi. his views of empowerment of women and most of all doing whats right and should have been done long time ago.

since people are now to do whats good for them and stopped fallowing blindly clerics, and started questioning them.

so wake up people and look and understand things before starting hitting each others

a National day is a day to show the pride and glory.

I guess the government need to do something about it by creating such events that would keep the people busy and happy in the same time, to display what national day is all about.

they started doing so, but it's not up to expectation of young Saudi male. Since most events are Family ONLY!

Get the young Saudi's involved, they are almost 75% of Saudi's population. we need to show the the true meaning of what national day is really about.

I want more, not only fireworks! and foam ;p

PS: please i would like to hear your views and be logical

PSS: the was written in my Facebook notes on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 8:03pm did some changes based on


  1. The young & the restless....
    Youth have LOADS of energy which should be directed in a positive engage in challenging, daring and satisfying accomplishments

  2. the sad part is we keep saying what you are saying right now....

    but are we doing anything about it???

    it's sad to see these young people energy go in vain.

  3. I never thought of it like that! You really hit it right on (I think!).. And it makes a LOT of sense! Many have been angered by the sudden openness of Saudi society and want to move backwards rather then forward!

    Btw- Great Blog!

  4. thank you ^.^

    I have moved my blog to

    you would find new topics