Monday, 8 February 2010

why I like being alone!

One of the most thing I like about being alone is, BEING alone.

no one else is there, only you and nothing else...

it's a scary idea when you think of it, but you get used to it, I did ^.^

I don't need real People in my life, People judge each other, and I don't like that.

People tend to be friends only when they need some thing from you, when they get it, they don't need your friendship any more...

My best friends in this world are solid things, they don't talk back, you can throgh them away and never be mad at you, they can be with you and never judge you.

I love my car, it takes me every where I wana go... when ever I wana go, never complain, I take good care of her.

I love my ipod, always there in my car, at the coffee shop, in bed, EVERY WHERE, and thats a true friend..

Shesha maybe a bad friend, but hey never talk back.... thats a good friend right there..

my lab top, my cyber room, my window to the world,
if you don't like anything close it,
people nagging you, ignore them, or even batter BLOCK them..

Imagine that you can ignore or block people ,
I know for a fact most people in Riyadh would be on my block list, and few on my ignore list, and only handfull will be available for chat.

I think I'm okay known that I might be spending the rest of my life alone,
I do have friends around the world and they are great friends.. but this is as far my relationship will go only Friendship....

Relationships, scares me, it really does!
I have had my share, and i don't think that I would even try it again.

just an idea, felt like sharing....


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