Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love is over rated!

or at least that's what I think.

nowadays it more like Friends with benefits "if you watch Boston Legal you would understand"

I'll explain:

he and she are friends,

he wants sex,

she wants sex


both don't want love and commitment,

but in reality they want love

but not so sure or more like it, don't want to get hurt,

so they can have sex with out love,

does that make sense?

I miss the good old days,

when a he meets she and FALL in love,

now it's like boom bam OMG! is that kid mine?

in the old days from base one to two took AGES,

now 5 sec. we became animals, not all I KNOW!

so now when I sense love, I THINK "now thats messed up" this is false love? who cares,right?


cuz when you see the realty it isn't working, you feel hurt.

it's okay to get hurt once, twice, 15 time or 765489043245677654 time!

I should not give up RIGHT?


I do give up,

the time I waste on meeting girls is just not worth the outcome at all fro me at least,

cuz if it was sex only, there is many ways to get that.

but love.....

lets say I GIVE UP! PERIOD.

or i should go gay ^.^

ahhhh, that been said!



  1. Why give up!??
    I think it is too early to say it. I hope you are just saying that. I am sure there will be the one for you and you will meet her. Just wait and see...


  2. first of all hank you for your kind comment.

    me giving up n Love has been good thing for me,
    and when i sense love i freek out and run the other way.

    it's okay, I like my life like this, thank you again


  3. lol, this post is really funny! i think you're so brave to have admitted to yourself that you're just not made for this 'love stuff'. hey, there's no harm in keeping the doors open, maybe someday... someday, inshallah you'd bump into your soulmate. btw, i like that you studied in bahrain.. i love bahrain =)

  4. thanx Mai Hua for your kind comment

    but I'll keep the door closed, only the person with the right key may enter and thats a maybe ;)

  5. just of sheer curiosity, how do you spend so much time in such a segregated society? not to mention how do you get sex if you can get it so easily? just doesn't make sense to me...

    and as one of the readers said: keep the door open :) you never know...

    best wishes!

  6. i meant how do you spend so much time meeting girls in such segregated society :)