Saturday, 6 February 2010

Need help! get the right number!!!

this morning i was reading the newspaper,
while browsing, I noticed a list of emergency numbers,
and the list WAS huge,
from top of the page to nearly half of the page!!!

so i was wondering why don't we "Saudi Arabia" have one easy number,
but before i start bitching about it, I did a small research one emergancy numbers around the world.

and i was kinda surprised to find that it's not only Saudi have that many numbers but most 3rd world countries.

most European countries has one number 112, only UK use 999
US and Canada use 911
Asia commen number is 999 but man they have a lot of numbers
Africa i don't want even to start, the numbers differs from one country to another

Back to Saudi,

while looking at most advanced countries, I know for a fact that Saudi CAN have cetrlized system.
To ensure service, quality of service and most of all prompt service.
Imagine calling a number let say 999 in this case it's the police number, in case of fire, and you been asked to dial the fire department!!! some would actually help to say the truth.

Traffic accedint should and already have it's own number 993 in case of Saudi, yet these days, when you call they would ask if both parties or more have insurance... as they will give you another number to call, but I must say this, when a car accident is huge and their are some people hurt, they would respond only if the information was correct that is.

The thing is some people use emergency line for fun, not on purpose; but out of frustration, since traffic police respond will average from 30 to 50 minutes, but if it was weekend it could take longer; due to that fact people lie, to make them show up faster

Any way, as long you know the right number you have nothing to worry.

The following is photos of the emergency service cars with emergency phone number to it hope it helps ^.^

This is made for people that are new in Saudi, or coming to Saudi ^.^

1.The Police,

Blue, some time might look like purple
Blue safety light
# 999

you would call them for any type of emergency that is not listed below

2.The Traffic Police,

Green, with light green
Red safety light


Najim "only if all parties are insured"

white and yellow
Red Safety light

3.Civil Deface

Bright yellow
RED safety light

you call them in case of Fire, someone trapped or need rescue.

4.Saudi Red Crescent

White and Red
Red and White safety light

for any health case that need immediate attention

5. Passport

White with dark and light green stripes
Green and Red safety light

they are called in case of illegal immigration and check that non-Saudis have the right papers to live in Saudi.

6. Narcotic

unmarked cars

in case of drug trafficking or anything drug related

7.High-Way Patrol

White with green and blue stripes
Red and Blue safety light

they are called when out side city limits, they handle traffic also.

hope this would help you ^.^

if you have any questions feel free to ask I'll be happy to answer them for you as much as I can

cheers ^.^


  1. Haha, reminds me when I was still living in your country in the 1990's. My father and we travelled by car a lot, and I've seen most of what you've put here.

    How about the mutawwas out there? any cars that world signal people to scram when they're aroun?

  2. nice blog!! I enjoyed all the stories you posted. I will stop by some other time again.


  3. coralbead,
    Mutawwas will be on a topic of it's own ^.^

    glad you like it, hope you do visit again

    arigatougozaimasu ^.^