Saturday, 27 February 2010

Feeling Suicidal?

in the past few weeks,
while reading the newspaper Al-Riyadh and Al-Youm,
I noticed rise in the number of news regarding suicide attempts.

it always made me think at what stage would a person reach to be able to end his/her own life???
A crazy person is a crazy person, but a normal person... what is a normal person?

back to the newspaper it always mention that the person is sick, that been seeing a doctor or stopped taking medication.
I don't think it's only sick people that commit suicide, even if the person who committed suicide was not sick, they would say he/she should have seek help... I wonder where????

I my self felt suicidal at a point in my life, two time to be exact.
but I reasoned with my self, suicide does not take pain. it inflicts pain.
I think of people I'll be leaving behind, what about them? how they are going to feel?
suicide is a selfish act,
no one should commit suicide
suicide is never a solution.

we only live once, you have one chance, live your life to the fullest, try everything at least once "except drugs"

seek help...

every hospital now have or SHOULD have a person that can help you.

this was a very scary article, 185% rise in suicide in Saudi Arabia.

please share your inputs, would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

ahhhh, that been said!



  1. there's one theory that says suicide is a genetic thing. that if one parent has been known to attempt suicide, his children also has that kind of tendency.

    in a way, this explains the biologic (a.k.a. medical) aspect of suicide. that it's not just a psychosocial phenomena. that it may have genetic roots. that it may have medical solutions.

    and that suicide can sometimes be prevented with medical care.

    That said, studies also indicate that, like any mental/social sickness, whether genetic or learned, attempted suicides takes years of building. It's the little things, piled on top of each other, until one day it grows a force big enough to end one's life.

    Because, more often than not, a suicide is a cry for help. A cray for attention. "Listen to me, please!"

    In that light, every time a suicide occurs, the society bears some of the blame and shame. After all, that's the same society that chose not to respond to the signs and whimpers of help from the deceased.

    And in this same light, you have been blessed with attention when you needed it.

  2. if you have read the link, you must have seen that the parents of people who committed suicide did not want to be part of the study, and as the study showed that mos are being abused in many ways at home.

    Domestic Abuse is the lead cause of suicides in Saudi.

    in my case, suicide was something that I thought would be the best solution for me and everyone around me. to tell you th truth the help I got was not direct as they didn't knew I'm suicidal, but it helped me see things in another and clear way.

    the singes are sometime hard to notice, based on the fact that our society is Islamic, and a true Muslim won't do such a thing. right?

    the thing is how many people have to commit suicide till we notice that there is need to do something about it.

    185% is a huge number, and that been 2008, 2 years now I can notice more news about suicides....

    as you said, most suicide can be prevented medically, there are many drugs out there that would help in a way, but most important is the society, the family is the most effective medication.

    we out-cast drug addict, people who did jail time and people who tried to commit suicide. by their own family. we need a society that understand that these people need help. and how to help them.