Saturday, 30 January 2010

Naked while dressed up!

as I enter the government building,

I got stopped by security officer "excuse me sir!",

"Yes" I reply,

"where you going?" he askes

"I have some document I'm following was sent from Dammam Office." I said,

"sir! we can't help you you have to wear Thoub "national dress""

I said "I Came from Dammam, I have been driving for three hours and half"

"sorry sir it's the rules!"

"I said it's only matter of minutes, one question with one answer"

"You have to wear thoub, I can't let you in"

I said "I do have a thoub, it's in a bag in my car, do you want me to change in the street???!!!"

"........." said the officer


so I went back to my car,

that is parked on the main street,

got my bag out.

got down to my underwear,

people looking while passing by,

but they seem not too surprised

I think it's normal in Riyadh to see people change in the street

I went back in, as soon i got in he told me 1st floor, went up, was done in 2 minutes.

so what kind of rule is that,

If i was wearing PJ's i would understand!

If i was wearing my underwear I would understand!

but I was wearing pants, a shirt, and a good jaket, and I looked good!

the funny thing it applies on Saudi's,

I noticed that the government just like to make it hard on US!

it just don't make sense at all to me at least

will now i know how it feels to be an exhibitionist ^.^


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  1. LOL. But seriously, the worst kind of discrimination and bad treatment we could ever get often comes from those of our own kind!

    Or some bigwigs get their kicks by giving hell to their fellow creatures :I